And this isn a case of a unique or challenging film that is rejected by the public initially, only to gain greater acclaim as people rewatch it over time and grow to appreciate what it has to offer. Lantern is even worse than people say. Its plot manages to be both overly complicated and intensely boring.

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Go slowly and carefully, and realize it can be difficult if not impossible to get straight edges due to the bumpy textured of the engraved areas. Do your best to keep the paint within the engraved portion and off of the smooth portion. Keep a wet rag or a couple of wet Q tips handy to take care of any small mishaps.

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“If the elected officials and institutions responsible for building those nets refuse or fail to do so, it is the responsibility of citizens to collectively stand in solidarity and demand change. Instead of waiting for that help to be delivered, people are taking it upon themselves to help each other. We’re seeing tons of that, from people delivering groceries to making masks.

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