What followed was a riot in which caste (high class) Hindus attacked Untouchables. Brahmin priests were called in to purify the waters of the tank. 108 earthen pots with among, other things, cow dung and urine, were dipped into the tank. “In our licensing criteria, we have put in a criteria for the clubs that they must have a women’s team. Although it’s not in the A or B level, at least it’s a beginning,” Das told the AIFF.”Hopefully, like our youth development program, which started off slowly, then picked up the pace and is now doing quite well, the same thing will happen with women’s football and more and more clubs will field teams in our national competition the IWL,” he added.Women’s football in India has gathered momentum in recent times with the country set to host the FIFA U 17 World Cup next year followed by the AFC Asian Cup in 2022.The rapid strides coincided with the emergence of the Indian Women’s League. The competition completed its fourth edition in the 2019 20 season https://www.luckyjerseysbuy.com and saw 12 teams compete in the final round that took place in Bengaluru.”I think clubs should realise that women’s football is a very important area.

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