Sentimental clinging to the Confederate flag by sports audiences has as much to do, I suspect, with fear as racism. It has to do with a reluctance to face the potentially unbearable revelation. Du Bois wrote in his classic 1935 work, “Black Reconstruction in America,” so much of the Civil War retellings are “cajoling and flattering the South and slurring the North.” The South must be flattered and the North slurred, because otherwise what you are left with is the simple fact that some Americans made monstrously wrong, immoral choices.

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Physically, he had nothing his passes fluttered and he threw nearly twice as many interceptions as touchdowns. He tore a tendon in his foot, rode the bench behindBrock Osweiler and was named in a report tying him to performance enhancing drugs. At the start of the second half in Week 17, he was a backup.

“They’re going to add some wrinkles to their defensive schemes that you’re just not going to be prepared for,” Garrard said. “Once you see it, you’re probably behind the 8 ball. And then they have another wrinkle to go behind that in game. Mothersbaugh spent much of the next 18 days on his back, tilted up in his hospital bed in the intensive care unit. Isolated, like all of those infected with the virus, from everyone except essential medical personnel, he lost all track of time and space. Tubes and machines cuffed him in place.

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