“I know a lot of people close to me are proud, but like I’ve always said, I think to leave a legacy you have to win,” MacKinnon said. “That’s not what I’m really looking to do, leave a legacy, but I want to win with these guys. We’re such a close group, and everyone wants to see each other succeed.

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McDevitt then began his research, launching the Rosedale Oral History project through the Somerset Daily American to speak to Black leaders in Johnstown and documenting the event from the descendents of those who were forced out. McDevitt credits Claudia B. Jones for having gathered of historical research that he used to launch the Rosedale Oral History Project.

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Scholarships are granted twice a year, in September and December. The players awarded the scholarships funds for the fall season came from five travel/high school associations including the Florida Scholastic Hockey League (FSHL), Golden Wolves, Sharpshooters, Palm Beach Breakers and Palm Beach Blackhawks. Names are kept anonymous and they can receive between $500 and $1,000..

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