As more consumers move in ever greater numbers toward digital payments they will expect the businesses they interact with to accommodate them. “You see people who don’t carry cash now,” says Marscher. “The next step is consumers that aren’t carrying cards and are walking into a business with their phones and expecting to make payments.

wholesale jerseys Working from their homes on the usual office telephone number, the SDL Auctions Bigwood team can carry out remote valuations of properties and list them on the company’s website, as normal.The auctions will be conducted by auctioneer Andrew Parker and his wife, Rachael, the regional property manager for the East Midlands(Image: SDL Auctions)From a buyer’s point of view, video tours of properties are available to view online and potential buyers can also explore Google Street View to get an overview of the area. Some surveyors are still carrying out inspections on vacant properties or while the occupiers are out, in line with Government guidelines, and SDL Auctions Bigwood can help interested parties find one if required.Vejay added:”Auction is a niche market within the property industry and it is not at all unusual for us to sell properties without ever meeting the buyer or seller. This means that, in many cases, there will be little difference with our new style auctions.”If we felt our auctions encouraged the breaking of social distancing rules, we would not be holding them. wholesale jerseys

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