That kind of system pits unions against companies. If the workplace unionizes, non unionized companies get an advantage. Companies representing the whole sector negotiate against unions representing most or all workers in that sector. Heaven help you if you are a woman, particularly an indigenous woman, incarcerated at the Alexander Maconochie Centre. You won get to see much of the light of day, you won get access to the same training or work opportunities as male prisoners and you are unlikely to receive the emotional and psychological support you may need on your journey towards rehabilitation. These are just a few of the sad realities made public, yet again, in the Report of a Review of A Correctional Centre by the ACT Inspector of Correctional Services released on Tuesday.

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canadian goose jacket The directorate said the program was already showing remarkable results in some ACT schools and would help standardise incident responses, but was expected to take five years to fully embed in a school. Theodore Primary is not the only school experiencing difficulties with violence. In its latest annual report, the directorate reported 1660 student incidents in public schools, though that number does not capture all incidents reported to the directorate canadian goose jacket.

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