A native of Salt Lake City and the youngest of five, Chen displayed his extraordinary skill early, landing his first triple jumps at 10. Trained in ballet and gymnastics along with skating, Chen strength and technique offer a strong foundation for his athletic repertoire of jumps. Adam Rippon, Chen training partner and Olympic teammate, says Chen is of the best jumpers in the world and credits him with improving his own skating..

In Helsinki, Jokerit KHL team plans to allow 500 fans into games after Aug. 1 and if all goes well, club president Jari Kurri says that restriction will be lifted after Oct. 1.. “I was in New York six years ago, signing autographs,” Parent says, his English still colored with French. “This girl, 17 years old, has no clue who I am. She says, ‘Can I have an autograph for my brother?’ I said sure.

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I am still in contact with that foreman. I try to model myself after him because, even when things were going poorly, he was always calm, collected, and respectful towards everyone. His nickname for me is “Smiley”.. We get caught up in this time warp, they always talk about what ifs, what ifs, what ifs. I get it. But we actually did go to two conference finals.

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In print journalism, when somebody refuses to make a statement or is unavailable or fails to return calls, we say so. We don’t show a video clip of someone slamming a door or holding up their hands in protest as they try to get inside a car. That’s not journalism it’s cheap lazy sleazy CRAP! And it’s extremely disturbing that this kind of local news is now No.

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