How long does it take? “Usually with overuse problems you follow a person along for a good length of time,” Windsor says. “Some people will still have some residual pain.” And while “in most situations, the goal is to get people back doing the same job,” he adds, “for many people that is a big decision. They have needed a lot of treatment, or maybe even surgery, for this overuse problem, and so they consider a different job.”WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment..

As soon as he got drafted, I hit him. As soon as this happened, I hit him. It is just tough. I was walking bent over as I went to work.” Smith reported the pain to a trainer, who gave him a laxative. Smith told the trainer he wanted to see a doctor; he was given directions to Zamorano’s office. Zamorano examined Smith, then brought him to a team surgeon in the same building.

Now, I am of course grateful I can still speak, even if very slowly, using eye gaze technology: A camera tracks the movements of my eyes on a screen based keyboard, and then the resulting text is converted into speech by a synthetic voice generator. But because of my Hawking esque voice, it’s particularly easy for others to manipulate what I say. Scalise’s team just went the extra mile in seeming to find the exact voice generator I use when they whipped up the extra words meant to damn Biden.

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