Wentz’s supporting cast on offense has become exceedingly modest. Wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery are on the injured reserve list. With wideout Nelson Agholor and tailback Jordan Howard on the game day inactive list Sunday, Wentz was forced to rely on unheralded players such as Ward, a quarterback while in college at Houston and former practice squad member, and rookie running back Miles Sanders..

He could fix a door, build a swing or clean a fish. He tended exactingly to his zoysia lawn and his flower beds, which he ruled inaccessible for trampling by grandchildren. His closet floor brimmed with cowboy boots of colors various but not too various, a metal tip here or there, all worn with aplomb around Maryland and Washington and elsewhere until the nickname “Cowboy” graced his obituary..

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According to NFL Media Research, the 18 missed field goals and extra points combined in Week 4 (through Sunday night) werethe second most in a week since 2010. By the end ofSunday’s games, NFL kickers had made 198out of 237 field goalsthis season for an 83.5 percent success rate. If this holds, it will be the lowest conversion rate since 2011.

The 2018 NL rookie of the year, 21 year old Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna https://www.isojersey.us Jr., becoming a first time all star. A slew of perennial all stars having typically brilliant seasons earning spots, including Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado (fifth appearance), Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman (fourth) and Astros outfielder George Springer (third). A handful of resurgent veterans who wouldn’t have seemed to stand a chance at such an honor before the season began receiving nods.

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