To support the education and the awareness of CTE because there is so much misrepresentation of the science out there. There so much focus on concussions, but the focus should be on exposure to repeated blows to the head. And this is not anti football or anti high impact contact sports, it simply about enlightenment..

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Hopefully we can flip the script. That’ll be the opportunity we have They have a lot of good players, great [defensive] front, great group of linebackers, as [good] as any team we’ve faced in the secondary. So they’re good at all levels. The biggest hurdle is that O’Brien must find a way to replace Hopkins performance. Hopkins had 104 receptions, tied for the third most in the NFL last year, out of 150 targets, a mark only five wide receivers met or exceeded in 2019. Hopkins also accounted for almost a third of Houston’s targets, receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns last year..

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