SUMMER was last seen in early August of 2014. When last seen, SUMMER was described as being between 20 30 degrees Celsius (68 86 degrees Fahrenheit), blue skies with a bright and warm source of light in the sky. There have been sporadic sightings of this bright object, but these sightings have been rare since May 2015.

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“If people should be p at anybody, it shouldn’t be Roger Goodell,” Edwards said. “It probably should be me. When I told Roger that this thing could end up as a debacle or even a disaster which is what it ended up as he was going to take a lot of heat from all sides, Roger’s response was, and I’m quoting him directly, ‘I am willing to take the heat because this is the right thing to do.’.

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You are the foundation of this league. Now take your place in history. Etch your name on the Grey Cup fan base. “If it’s the last time [as a Charger] I can say I gave it everything I had, every week,” he said. “Maybe it means an interception when it’s fourth and 18, and you’re down 10. ‘Cause I don’t care if it’s gonna say ‘two interceptions’ [on the stats].

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