Ok, so a couple weeks ago I made some predictions about the end of January. I didn do too bad, but I was way off when it came to my Blues prediction (the only one that really matters). Here a table showing my prediction, what actually happened, and how accurate my prediction was..

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wholesale nba jerseys from china (Hockey players protect their elbows with “pads” that are as hard as football helmets.) The impact broke Roenick’s jaw in three places. Doctors say he’ll probably lose eight teeth during the reconstruction process.Roenick also suffered a fractured thumb moments before the big hit when Stars defenseman Craig Ludwig slashed him. (The latter injury alone would have kept Roenick from playing in the first round of playoffs.)Stars players had announced their intention to retaliate for a punishing hit Roenick had inflicted on the Stars’ high scoring Mike Modano at a game in Phoenix three weeks earlier.Remarkably, Roenick played for a short time after his injury, before pain overwhelmed him.The attack cost Hatcher a seven game suspension.It ended Roenick’s season.Gone for the playoffs will be one of the Coyotes’ most essential players, a dogged competitor with a big heart and ego to match who was leading the team in scoring.Before he got hurt, Roenick’s coaches and teammates often marveled about how much he elevates his game (and those around him) during the playoffs.. wholesale nba jerseys from china

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