Events DC opened three multipurpose turf fields in June to host recreational soccer leagues, kickball teams and school groups, among other events. The next steps are to build an indoor sports complex, a market for dining, pedestrian bridges across the Anacostia, and a memorial to Robert F. Kennedy, younger brother of president John F.

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This was an opportunity, and Washington was flat incapable of handling it. It’s what this franchise does. The Redskins don’t get out ahead of a season, take a lead in the division and then try to hold on. The NFL’s disability board, jointly administered by management and the players’ union, has a denial rate of almost 60 percent. When players file for workers’ compensation for the on the job harm they suffered, they often find their claims opposed by their former teams. The league is currently in legal and legislative fights with at least 3,000 former players, who, like Williams, have attempted to seek reparation for their injuries by filing claims in worker friendly states.

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