I told them if they kick it to me on the very first kickoff, I’m taking it to the house. I took it to the house and it was personal. I was screaming “BALL GAME” all crazy. It is a good argument if you can prove it. Red wolves are a rare and dying breed that actually went extinct in the wild before a few were set free again after being bred in zoos. Coyotes are plentiful, and unlike the larger wolves, they are ineligible for protection under the Endangered Species Act.

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“Each case is its own separate case. Ray McDonald is not Ray Rice,” York said. “And if there’s another one, it’s not the same as the previous. They continue to hand the ball to RB DeMarco Murray at a potential record setting rate, and Murray continues to churn out rushing yards. QB Tony Romo is playing extremely efficiently and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to debate the fact that the Cowboys are the NFC’s top team at the moment. They get to host the Redskins and just promoted QB Colt McCoy on Monday night.

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