It’s set in a world where humans and robots coexist that might be earth or might not, its hard to tell, but the world is dying. The lush forests that once covered the planet are now replaced by sand and dust. Robots that were always immortal are suddenly starting to erode and die.

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FIFA 21 gameplay trailer is here, and it details the new gameplay features that EA Sports had previously announced, giving us an insight into how players can use them and what their impact on FIFA 21 will be. This includes improved dribbling (termed in game as “Agile Dribbling”), positioning (“Positioning Awareness”), and collisions (“Natural Collision System”), manual runs (“Creative Runs”) and headers, and a tougher challenge against the AI (“Competitor Mode”). Additionally, the FIFA 21 gameplay trailer also reveals the introduction of “Rewind” feature, which will let you undo events and take another go at the same move in the middle of a match..

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