Skinny: One of the best qualities to have as a defensive back is short term memory, a trait Dion Jackson and his teammates possessed. Jackson was the best defensive back on the tournament best team and made a pair of key pass break ups during the tournament. He also did a nice job locking down Defcons receiving core in single elimination game.

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Testy with the mediaAlthough there is more general acceptance of players being part of the 1%, the blessing of a big contract can be at least a small curse for athletes who complain about their situations in any way. NBA stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have both been testy with the media this season, complaining about the stress of constant speculation that they planned to leave their teams, the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics, in order to become free agents and perhaps join forces next season. Commissioner Adam Silver empathized with them, saying that in general many NBA players feel depressed and lonely despite their millions..

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